Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Cheat Claim All Item Reward+Package [Halloween]

now i'll share Cheat Claim all Item in Halloween Event. Cheat Ninja Saga "Claim all item [Halloween] " [shop_new], Claim all event reward and set Package Update  27 October 2011 By. NsScriptHack. This Hack can Help you for Instan to get all Reward !!
Lets Try, ..



  1. Go to Ninja Saga
  2. Open Fiddler 
  3. Drag Swf File
  4. Clear chache 
  5. Go to Shop
  6. Click the "Emblem Hack [Siky]"
  7. Click Buy
  8. Claim all reward (using token ) "this token hack not permanent"
  9. You'll get eror, refresh/reload browser
  10. Play again, see the reward
  11. Repeat the above, get all Reward !!
  12. The rewards: "all Halloween Item", "Package [Merlin's]"

Cheat active pvp (close beta) ninja saga


 fiddler 2:http://adf.ly/1bKvB
 swf file:http://adf.ly/3SmCl


  1. Go to Ninja Saga
  2. Open Fiddler 
  3. Drag Swf File
  4. Clear chache 
  5. Play Ninja Saga
  6. Go to Arena
  7. Click "PVP (Close Beta)"
  8. Enjoy, the Battle !!

Cheat ATM and GOLD New update [100% working]

  Cheat ATM Exp and ATM Gold New Upadate, 2 November 2011, This Cheat 100% Working Tested, this hack using two brothers (charles &fiddler) !
Lets Try,..

Equipment :

fiddler 2:http://adf.ly/1bKvB
swf file:http://adf.ly/3XXIZ
Java tm:http://adf.ly/1VD5i


1. Open Charles (Don't Open Fiddler) 
2. Go to Ninja Saga, don't click Play
3. Enable Break Point in Charles, View:
5. Click Play Ninja Saga 
6. Click execute 3 times to show this :

7. Change Server time to : >> 1318698102
8. Click Execute, and Disable Break Point !
9. If it is located in village, Close the Charles and Open Fiddler
10. Drag Swf File
11. Go to Headquaters
12. Change the Password: 63978DCB04
13. Enjoy. Say Thanks to Follow this Blogg !!!


Hack 50 token [permanent]

 Cheat Token New Ninja Saga (Token Hack) Upadate. Cheat 50 Token Permanent, Just for free user
Featured: Premium User (Emblem Hack), ++ One Hit Kill Dark Set. Btw, Lets Go to Hacking !!

Equipments :


1. Drag Swf File
2. Clear Chache
3. Go to Ninja Saga
4. Crate New Character Until level 8 
5. You will got 50 Saga Token
6. Don't Use instan mission (if u get eror, u can't got it)
7. Just use One Hit Kill every battle
8. Equpt Kunai ( Weapon Sai Minori )
9. Equipt Newbie Costume Male (Dark Set Cloth)
10. Equipt Straw Hat ( Back Ite "Decorative Rope" )
11. Use the Weapon, Every Battle  ,.. (900K Demage ) 
12. Enjoy This Hack